PURE -Nov. 28. 2007-

What is pure meaning?
What is pure energy?
What is light?
What is water?
What is sound?
What is colour?
What is vibration?
What is the shape of your current state?
What is the energy of your current state?
What is the meaning of your current state?

This is a point in time on which you can freely
choose where to go next. You know what to do.
Before you go to sleep, wish with your heart to see
the Dream you always knew to be true... it is your creation.
It is our collective creation. Your breath is pure.
Your reflection is pure.
Your touch is pure.
Your body is pure.
Your life is pure.

What did the rain-dancers do - to bring the rain?

They saw it happen. They knew it was time.

[Are you starting to remember?]


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