Notes about CollectivISM (vs. the Individual)

Collective vs. individual in today's thinking (marxism, socialism, feminism and many other isms.., "utopianism"). Auguste Comte was the founder of positivism, influenced by utopian socialist Henri Saint-Simon and was a great influence on 19th-century thought. Comte influenced Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill etc. The word "altruism" is attributed to Comte for being the originator. Again altruism ("you before me" which eventually empties the "me=I" (individual immersing into the collective). TODAY'S SOCIETAL THINKING IS CULT LIKE.

Same goes with "diversity" which is yet another form of collectivism under the guise of "individuals in community being different" (but in actuality sameness is promoted under "equality") and is put forth via soft persuasion with undertones of "if you are against it = you are a bad person" and social disapproval ensues. This influence is manipulative. This is the problem. There is nothing bad in a collective when it is healthy (individuals working together towards a goal/project etc), but it has to be voluntary as well. Helping others is a virtue, not a vice. Yet victimhood, dependance on others is promoted (as this is also the way the state (authority) grows).

There is an underlying ontological empathy that everyone has access to, but how the manipulation works is by knowing people are empathic and they resonate with the idea of empathy so it is being used to snare people into the idea of "empathic society". The problem here is the snaring. Its influence is subtle, yet it compasses everything. (look into "persuasion" and "immersion").

Do you judge a moral action (or even thought) by the standard of how it it viewed by others or by your own internal moral compass (which is influenced by the world and experience). It makes all the difference. In the case of the former, that is enslavement. Yet internal moral compass can be a distorded one as well, it is not easy.

related to FEMINISM: "Empowerment" is a suspicious term as it implies there is something lacking in oneself and this lack is told by women's organizations to women. And those who believe that are seeking to correct this "lack" in oneself and therefore those organizations and ideologies take the position of authority over the individual who would find in herself that there is no lack - other than that of self-esteem which can be only found and to be created by the INDIVIDUAL, not found in the collective (a trap). The maker of this video has and is being harassed for creating it. --> In Defense of Men, What's Left of Them - Present Day Feminism


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