dissolving FORM -Feb 10. 2008-

Thoughts on 10th feb 2008

Love has many shapes and forms. It is the source of all creation. It is also the source of all destruction. With death comes life. How does the other make the other less important or valued and vice versa?

Sometimes "negative" emotions are experienced to maintain balance in our lives between ourselves collectively and individually. "Negativity" is unbalance. Something which is out of balance is a sign that there is change happening. Sometimes "negative" (destruction) need to happen in order to break the pattern that does not fit the creation we are here to create. We create life - even through death. The confusion is the change, the unbalanced state, the tuning. The harmony is the balanced state of tuning.

Fear, anger, jealousy are all created words that point to a particular feeling. How do these words feel in your body when you think about them? Just as when our bodies are sweating in hot temperature, the same way our minds are interpreting our thoughts as negative when they are unaligned with the original purpose of living in harmony within our bodies. When pain, grief, anger are viewed as they are - a reflection of some underlying issue - they can be seen as positive challenges. The observer determines the outcome. When we feel fear and feel hopeless in it, we are acting out of our subconscious patterns and beliefs. If we become more conscious in the moment when the feeling of fear manifests, we can see alternative patterns emerging. If we understand that we truly have a choice in every moment, then we can act it out and adjust the temperature so to speak. Fear is an unconscious response to the unknown.
When unknown becomes known, ie. experienced with awareness, the original purpose continues to move according to the destination it has been going all along. In other words, your life does not have to be a misery.

"What is contained in darkness holds the greatest potential for light."


You have a choice in every moment to resist or let go. Your mind is resisting, your body is adjusting. You can sense it right NOW in your body. Meditation, certain shamanistic plants, sounds/audio (binaural beats, hemispheric synchronization), colours, etc. can help you regain the connection between your mind and body... but the missing link is to recognize the unmanifested self (before sound was silence). That is felt as a feeling of wholeness where separation is nonexistent. Your mind & body is part of a global mind & body and how it feels is felt by everybody/one close around you, and surprisingly for many of us at this time, even at a distance. We have a great responsibility.

We are creating a new way of being. The point in time and space when new shapes form is already here and the intensity of them becoming a reality in (multiple) dimensions is increasing every week, day, minute, second, of our most commonly perceived, linear time. It's manifestations are felt now on third dimension, which has been a playground and a manipulator's/sorcerers dream for eons... 'till now. You will see new art and language forming. Everything mirrors everything. Fear is the distorted image between the perceiver (=interpreter) and the original image.

The original image is pure light. As are you.

This text is also your/our creation. It is free. As are you.


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