I Long to Meet You Dec. 10. 2007

It is for your longing
to discover that brought you here.

Ask for guidance. You are one and many.
Your imagination is the key. You always had it.
You create everything.

It is always time to flow.
You are the judge of your life.
You are the lover of your life.
You are the wise ruler of your life.
You are the fool of your life.
You are the beauty,
the sadness,
the grace,
the mother,
the father,
the child.

Discover your dance.
You can sense the tone.
Your body is signaling to you.
Your spirit is uplifting you.
Don't let your mind use you.
Don't let anyone else's mind use you.
Your will to remember your lovestory is enough.
Your pure, radiant tone is always there.
A signal for a way back home.

[I long to meet you]


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