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"dARK" is good to dance to the ground, creates ground for me.. lot's of power to dance eeeverything. Front Line Assembly's sister project is Delerium which is total opposite, light. I love the idea of being two projects, creates contrast which is movement and life for me. This is why I feel heavy-metal is popular in Finland, cause people have hidden emotions and music is the way to channel them and create neutrality and purpose (to sense the middle between two polarities.. which is number 9 in Marko Rodin's vortex math btw... http://www.rense.com/RodinAerodynamics_files/Yin_Yang.gif

Potentiality and Balance

Love is a direct relationship with the source of pure potential (call it zero-point in physics or chi or whatever word points best for your analytical mind to process these words, yet it is past analyzing). Discernment (to know true from false) is the NATURAL filtering mechanism that filters out everything that is false in you and responds to everything that hold true to you. Truth and beauty can be embraced even in a dot. The whole itself contains those dots to re-frame a hologram as when the single dot has new potential, it mirrors itself to the whole. It does not need to have a meaning. Pure potential cannot be named, otherwise it would be this or that and not everything. We name things and give them meaning, but this is dangerous because the meaning starts to live a life of it's own and keeps us within defined parameters. The hologram changes when you change without conditions.

It has to.

The latest theories in physics hold this to be the case. Everything is permitted, yet the s…

Extatique by Adinpsz

Released @ the MAIN party, OCT 2009.

cLICk 4 -> better quality version + executables (windoze)


[Suggestion: listen while reading]

“AS IF your truth is here” Oct. 1. 2009

“AS IF your truth is here”


this is an attempt to question.

"AS IF" ... is one description for magic (programming the sub-conscious temporarily, gradually or permanently). It is essential to feel and think "as if" the thing you are wanting to experiece is true in that very moment of the experience. You can take it as a game or experimentation with imagination. In other words your imagination is a tool and can be used to create the next level of the experience... the next step in your personal life. This next step will teach everyone who are stepping to this same level of the experience. Harmonics will vibrate on many levels, on many perspectives, yet it holds and connects all.

What is the next level of experience? This is a tricky one and we have to come to an agreement of it at some point
in time. It is a gradual process, but can be accelerated. Could it be that the idea of time itself is morphing? There is a need for accelerat…



The World Speaks to You the Way You Have Not Imagined... Yet?

Everything is real. The big narratives have a lot of invested power in them. “The good, the bad”… it’s all the same, only depends how you look at it and will you let it empower or weaken your spirit. That is why the narratives have the hold of you. This is all a process… we process it all, the “good and the bad”. A school where everyone can graduate. We made it all together, to learn. You chose your difficulties on a deeper perspective where we all understand and evolve from. You are here to share your story. Love pours from the polar opposite. You can choose to be reborn now. Imagine. What rings true to you?

Also nothing is real. It all came to be from silence where and when no one observed.

PERSPECTIVE -May 3. 2008-

Everything in your life is made of patterns
Patterns waiting to be recognised
If we are anxious about the future
or worried about the past
then the patterns you see emerging
in your life will be chaotic and inconceivable.

Truth is that you have the potential
to see it all differently.

But do you want to see?
It's your choice in every moment.

There is no "final punishment", there is
only one moment which happens NOW and
everything you decide in that moment
will follow the pattern of some sort.
If you decide to punish yourself,
then you shall. It’s a very simple
truth that many of us have forgot
or don’t find a way out from
the complexity…
Resistance creates stress and
will create difficulty to see clearly.

You can even see a miserable past
with a new loving perspective.
If you feel trapped because of your
past, then re-create your past
by living your moments differently.
The way you saw your previous
life can be seen from countless
of other perspectives…
and not all of them are grim.

You are beauti…

dissolving FORM -Feb 10. 2008-

Thoughts on 10th feb 2008

Love has many shapes and forms. It is the source of all creation. It is also the source of all destruction. With death comes life. How does the other make the other less important or valued and vice versa?

Sometimes "negative" emotions are experienced to maintain balance in our lives between ourselves collectively and individually. "Negativity" is unbalance. Something which is out of balance is a sign that there is change happening. Sometimes "negative" (destruction) need to happen in order to break the pattern that does not fit the creation we are here to create. We create life - even through death. The confusion is the change, the unbalanced state, the tuning. The harmony is the balanced state of tuning.

Fear, anger, jealousy are all created words that point to a particular feeling. How do these words feel in your body when you think about them? Just as when our bodies are sweating in hot temperature, the same way our minds are …

I Long to Meet You Dec. 10. 2007

It is for your longing
to discover that brought you here.

Ask for guidance. You are one and many.
Your imagination is the key. You always had it.
You create everything.

It is always time to flow.
You are the judge of your life.
You are the lover of your life.
You are the wise ruler of your life.
You are the fool of your life.
You are the beauty,
the sadness,
the grace,
the mother,
the father,
the child.

Discover your dance.
You can sense the tone.
Your body is signaling to you.
Your spirit is uplifting you.
Don't let your mind use you.
Don't let anyone else's mind use you.
Your will to remember your lovestory is enough.
Your pure, radiant tone is always there.
A signal for a way back home.

[I long to meet you]

PURE -Nov. 28. 2007-

What is pure meaning?
What is pure energy?
What is light?
What is water?
What is sound?
What is colour?
What is vibration?
What is the shape of your current state?
What is the energy of your current state?
What is the meaning of your current state?

This is a point in time on which you can freely
choose where to go next. You know what to do.
Before you go to sleep, wish with your heart to see
the Dream you always knew to be true... it is your creation.
It is our collective creation. Your breath is pure.
Your reflection is pure.
Your touch is pure.
Your body is pure.
Your life is pure.

What did the rain-dancers do - to bring the rain?

They saw it happen. They knew it was time.

[Are you starting to remember?]

[FINNISH] Läsnäolo - Elokuu 24. 2007 -


Olemalla läsnä joka hetki, sinulla itselläsi on mahdollisuus valita suuntasi. Hetkellä eteesi avautuu kaksi tietä, jotka ovat osa tarinaasi. Tietoisuus, että luot nykyhetken, oman tarinasi, tekee sinusta tarinasi kirjoittajan, ei vain sen lukijan. Jokainen meistä voi olla mitä vain. Kollektiivinen tarinamme on avautumassa. Sitä pakenemalla pakenet itseäsi. Tässä ajassa, huomaamme luoneemme ympärillemme kaaosta. Kaaos on muutoksen ilmentymä. Tässä ajassa muutoksia tapahtuu myös koko aurinkokunnassamme ja sen ympärillä. Kvanttifysiikan ja alkuperäisten henkisten käsitysten mukaan jokainen yksilö, kasvi, alkuaine on osa kaikkea, jokainen sisältää osan jokaista, kuin hologrammissa. Hologrammin jokainen osa sisältää palan kaikkea. Hiekanjyvä rannalla sisältää koko universumin. Triljoonat solusi ovat kuin pieniä Tomeja, Penttejä, Vuokkoja jotka työskentevät kehosi parhaaksi. Ne tottelevat suoraan mielesi käskyjä. Negatiiviset ajatukset ovat herättäjiä. Taistelemalla niitä vastaan, …

PATTERNS - July 23. 2007 -

Thoughts on July 23. 2007

Everything you are searching is happening NOW.
If you feel distressed, begin to observe your body.
To understand (standing under) is to quiet your mind and listen.
You will start to see your true nature.
Obstacles and fears are the creations of your mind.
They will show your image, your challenge. [Everything is a mirror.]
This image will show you your other self.
Be are aware of it. It takes courage, but it’s worth it.
You are not here to suffer. Find your joy and purpose.
See the lies in your life [they are enormous].
Find a way to decode them in to truth.

To understand: vibrate your energy-body
to see. This will raise change globally.

The essence of oneness is within you. You can be one with
all that is. This intelligence is pure and to be pure is the key
to all. It (or you = perception) will show you the most beautiful things
beyond your current imagination/frequency. You can jump to
this frequency more easily as before. Mass
meditations around the planet are increasing a…