The Rainbow and the shadow it creates

The Rainbow theme that is been heavily promoted can be seen as emotional (dis)colouring which undermines the smallest of minorities (the individual). It has become a symbol of soft oppression (or confusion) in the life of one who is in the process of individuating himself from the passivity of the crowd, even when promotes as the opposite (of oppression). I mean individuation in the Jungian sense. The tolerant has in many cases become intolerant (or deaf) of the so called "intolerant". The discussion (libra) is put aside by the emotional colouring of the rainbow. This contributes to the collective shadow. The smallest of minorities is the individual who can become "intolerant" to the current trends is in danger of ceasing to be. When you are many people (the actual underlying message of the rainbow symbol at this time) you cease to be one. There is oneness for you.


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Notes about CollectivISM (vs. the Individual)

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