The World Speaks to You the Way You Have Not Imagined... Yet?

Everything is real. The big narratives have a lot of invested power in them. “The good, the bad”… it’s all the same, only depends how you look at it and will you let it empower or weaken your spirit. That is why the narratives have the hold of you. This is all a process… we process it all, the “good and the bad”. A school where everyone can graduate. We made it all together, to learn. You chose your difficulties on a deeper perspective where we all understand and evolve from. You are here to share your story. Love pours from the polar opposite. You can choose to be reborn now. Imagine. What rings true to you?

Also nothing is real. It all came to be from silence where and when no one observed.


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Notes about CollectivISM (vs. the Individual)

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