9.-10.Aug.2010. [note - healing]

[New moon]

There is a field of information that is accessible to all. To clear any wound. I found that through "scanning" all areas of the body (try back of your head!) it reflects hidden symbols that the mind can observe. I saw how I consciously tried to avoid the most painful ones that were "shut down" because of it and this created a negative emotion that was always present. This emotion is the relatioship with the pain (it can be everything, not just bodily pain... also a relationship with everything!). The pain wont go away by looking the other way or being unbalanced towards it. It needs the most care. Show care to your most painful cell inside your body (body reflects everything, highly intelligent, "it' understands the language of nature...,be nature). This most painful part of the self is the most vulnerable and innocent. It has the most potential to reflect it's gratitude through the whole body and indeed the whole system. This process to healing the deeper parts of the body and psyche is eternally potent source of "miraclous healing" and self-realization through a series of painful [re-]discoveries. No belief attached, only trust and knowing that the self has unlimited imagination - it is only the conscious mind that limits the process - yet it has to understand and open more so that the experience becomes known to the "larger self" (includes aspects like the ego, shadow self, unconscious self...). Attitude (reaction) can either be deceiving or honest and it takes great will-power sometimes to start the process [the mind can be really tricky!...] the element of this will-power I intuit can be found in the root elements and qualities of life (fire, water, wind, earth... for me it went in this order just awhile ago). How to communicate is a discovery. There are no limits to imagination. Truth does not appreciate dishonesty to self, it plays no games, it is not the deceiver. Once the self-deception is discovered, it holds no more power. I put some helpful ideas into paper, have not checked them yet... little by little.. thank you for being you!


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