PERSPECTIVE -May 3. 2008-

Everything in your life is made of patterns
Patterns waiting to be recognised
If we are anxious about the future
or worried about the past
then the patterns you see emerging
in your life will be chaotic and inconceivable.

Truth is that you have the potential
to see it all differently.

But do you want to see?
It's your choice in every moment.

There is no "final punishment", there is
only one moment which happens NOW and
everything you decide in that moment
will follow the pattern of some sort.
If you decide to punish yourself,
then you shall. It’s a very simple
truth that many of us have forgot
or don’t find a way out from
the complexity…
Resistance creates stress and
will create difficulty to see clearly.

You can even see a miserable past
with a new loving perspective.
If you feel trapped because of your
past, then re-create your past
by living your moments differently.
The way you saw your previous
life can be seen from countless
of other perspectives…
and not all of them are grim.

You are beautiful.

When you create a consciously happy
moment, you create energy-flow.

Allow yourself to be a child.

Love is the total acceptance
of your moment,
it is not giving up to the authority,
it is embracing your true nature
which is not separate from
the universe we live in.

You are individual
yet the whole cosmos is a
mirror of yourself.

Everything is in perfect order,
even the chaos is part of it.

You are part of it.
Your deepest self is not worried..
at all! Just connect to it,
and we will all finally meet :)

You are a part of the ocean
and you are the ocean.

Create balance if you feel the need.
[I feel the need!!!]


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