PATTERNS - July 23. 2007 -

Thoughts on July 23. 2007

Everything you are searching is happening NOW.
If you feel distressed, begin to observe your body.
To understand (standing under) is to quiet your mind and listen.
You will start to see your true nature.
Obstacles and fears are the creations of your mind.
They will show your image, your challenge. [Everything is a mirror.]
This image will show you your other self.
Be are aware of it. It takes courage, but it’s worth it.
You are not here to suffer. Find your joy and purpose.
See the lies in your life [they are enormous].
Find a way to decode them in to truth.

To understand: vibrate your energy-body
to see. This will raise change globally.

The essence of oneness is within you. You can be one with
all that is. This intelligence is pure and to be pure is the key
to all. It (or you = perception) will show you the most beautiful things
beyond your current imagination/frequency. You can jump to
this frequency more easily as before. Mass
meditations around the planet are increasing and
the galactic alignment of our solar system towards
the center of the galaxy is taking place [which is happening every
13000 years, the great cycle is 25800. We are living in the age
which is the end of a great cycle according to Mayan civilization].
This is changing your DNA [to possibly multiple strands].
You are evolving. This will force you to lose your ego=illusion.
Lose your illusory mind. (from own experience: it’s worth it!)
But there are other forces operating on this planet that are
trying to change this. They are trying to stop your divine
right of being.

They have failed. If you choose to see this as a true possibility.

Death is an illusion. Death=birth. Dragon eats it’s tail.

Time is a perception. There is no future, nor the past.
Everything is happening now. [You can travel time.]

Thought comes before manifestation/experience.

The perspective of our history is changing.
This will change everything:
the way we communicate,
the way we perceive the world and ourselves,
the way we are

The evolution of human consciousness is taking place.
To be on the greatest ride or not…
Well, that’s your choice

[We need to create a new holonomic language!.]


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