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Potentiality and Balance

Love is a direct relationship with the source of pure potential (call it zero-point in physics or chi or whatever word points best for your analytical mind to process these words, yet it is past analyzing). Discernment (to know true from false) is the NATURAL filtering mechanism that filters out everything that is false in you and responds to everything that hold true to you. Truth and beauty can be embraced even in a dot. The whole itself contains those dots to re-frame a hologram as when the single dot has new potential, it mirrors itself to the whole. It does not need to have a meaning. Pure potential cannot be named, otherwise it would be this or that and not everything. We name things and give them meaning, but this is dangerous because the meaning starts to live a life of it's own and keeps us within defined parameters. The hologram changes when you change without conditions.

It has to.

The latest theories in physics hold this to be the case. Everything is permitted, yet the s…