“AS IF your truth is here” Oct. 1. 2009

“AS IF your truth is here”


this is an attempt to question.

"AS IF" ... is one description for magic (programming the sub-conscious temporarily, gradually or permanently). It is essential to feel and think "as if" the thing you are wanting to experiece is true in that very moment of the experience. You can take it as a game or experimentation with imagination. In other words your imagination is a tool and can be used to create the next level of the experience... the next step in your personal life. This next step will teach everyone who are stepping to this same level of the experience. Harmonics will vibrate on many levels, on many perspectives, yet it holds and connects all.

What is the next level of experience? This is a tricky one and we have to come to an agreement of it at some point
in time. It is a gradual process, but can be accelerated. Could it be that the idea of time itself is morphing? There is a need for acceleration around and inside. The more you observe, the more your will see this in you and others. That would be a reasonable common ground to agree with.

[As if]

What is it that you are feeling right now? What is it that you want? Who is doing the wanting and to which place does this want lead you? Do you sense your wanting going to many places... like shooting around without a true target? Can you focus? Are you looping around an issue or can you freely travel and feel "as if" the heaven is here already?

Desire. What part of us is doing this? What is magnetism? Can you *feel* in you in terms of PULL and PUSH. Where is the feeling of this located in your own body?

What irritates you? Why?

Is it something in you or do you feel the source coming outside of yourself? What IS outside yourself if you can *feel* that outside circumstance in you at the same time? Are we not related or do we connect and understand that everything the human race, as a whole, is experiencing, we each individually are experiencing the very same? You would not perceive it like the next girl/guy around you, but there is a common ground to be felt. We are sharing the same planet and breathing the same air and sharing multiple experiences, real and imagined, with common language. What is it in our language that needs to change? Or is it adequate still? What can we learn from languages... isn't music, colours and shapes also a form of communication? What can nature teach us?

Symbols, patterns, sounds, shapes... what do they reflect? [for experiece's sake: HOLOGRAM, reflection]. What does it reflect to you? How do you perceive it? Is the reflection same or does it change as you do?

Would it be possible, at this time, to see a true image of ourselves? Is it enough for me and you to hide anymore? Hiding does reflect hiding. If this is visible and seen, how could we stay hidden any longer? The reflection of a few will become many, but the many will affect the few.

I invite to see clearly. Mistakes are permitted and welcomed. Otherwise we would not learn see clearly the one truth we each hold individually and collectively.

To see - is to to see yourSELF in everyone. To see me in you. YourSELF - mySELF.

Invitation to release.


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