"Time" is humanity's next endeavour.

it's quite a ride to be aware of the ride... hmm! and always when you know you "got it" - it shows it's other side (truth is not attainable, but one can experience it with an attitude that chooses not to capture it)... the origin for tyranny to me is to experience enlightenment and trying to own it. There is a center place that is your own "home frequency" that always sounds true to you and that can always replenish your spirit (for me spirit these days means (or one way to put it) a point that holds the original knowledge of one's being... this to me is always the same, but it is easily scattered and weakened, unless one intents to recall it back to this time and space (one's body) where it creates space to manifest in full creative potential once again). "Time" is humanity's next endeavour.


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Notes about CollectivISM (vs. the Individual)

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