12. Aug. 2010

Self-repair now the way you individually KNOW it. Recover and it "imports" the memory from the collective imprint [referring to 'Akashic Records'] that is stored without your knowing (knowing of the mechanism does not matter, only intent and trust matters in the way that is yours and reflects to all that are intenting to recover their own ways from the same source (=memory). For/to the recollecting process, it is a KEY to be honest and follow layer by layer ... and once in the core, the knowing is established into being.

I meditated deeply last nite and recollected the notion that the most unlooked (ill) cell is the most vulnerable and going thru a dying prosess.. when I saw this cell in a metaphoric form I saw myself, the inner child being alone and all he got was the awful judgment around him (this cell) and when I light the fire = bring consciousness and observed it, it was so delightful and had the most potential in the whole system to reflect it's happiness to the whole body. So the most ill cell (even one little individual that is one is not caring for) has the MOST potential to heal the whole body and much more!

Thank you Mari for the inspiration!


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Notes about CollectivISM (vs. the Individual)

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